China Satellite Navigation Office

China Satellite Navigation Office
BeiDou Navigation Satellite System is China’s global navigation satellite system which has been developed independently.The system’s target: maintain independence and keep the initiative in our own hands,keep open,compatible,stable and reliable on technology, offer global service, thereby accelerating the foundation of navigation satellite industrial chain,consummating the sustaining extending and guaranteeing system,expanding the range of application in the country's economic and social sector.
BeiDou Navigation Satellite System is composed of three parts: the space section, the ground section and the user section. The space section contains 5 geostationary orbit satellites and 30 non-geostationary orbit satellites. The ground section consists of a certan number of stations: including the main control stations, the injectionstations and the monitoring stations. And the user section includes terminators of BeiDou system,and some compatible with other navigation satellite system.

“Current status and development of BeiDou navigation satellite system”
Plenary Session: «Global Navigation Space»