Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Metrological Institute of Technical Physics and Radio Engineering" (FSUE VNIIFTRI) is the Main Metrological Center for the State Service of Time, Frequency and Earth Rotation Parameters. The institute has the status of a State Scientific Center of Russia and is among the most important Centers for State Standards of Russia under the authority of Rosstandart.
FSUE VNIIFTRI is a head organization responsible for metrological assurance of the development, production, testing and operation of coordinate-temporal and navigation systems with the objective of achieving the specified accuracy of GLONASS.
FSUE VNIIFTRI holds unique measuring, test and experimentation equipment as part of its laboratories’ facilities. The institute, whose premises occupy an area of over 70,000 square meters, is situated outside Moscow in a place well-suited for high-precision measurements and scientific experiments due to the distance from the megacity with its industrial noise and vibration.
FSUE VNIIFTRI is a national metrology institution (NMI) carrying out basic and applied research for the advanced development of measurement standards in various fields of metrology including measurements of time, frequency, big lengths, and Earth rotation parameters; coordinate-temporal and navigation measurements; ionizing radiation parameters measurements; aerosol, hydrosol and powder measurements; electrochemical measurements (pH-metry, ionometry, conductometry) and hardness measurements.

Denisenko Oleg
“Metrological support of navigation receivers for various purposes”
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