Eugene with his University friend founded the company ParkApp after a long development of the test product. In 2014 he drew investors attention, successfully passed the accelerator program in IIDF and raised funds from the private business angel who is an expert of the Russia's parking space.
The development of complex tasks were set, namely, to develop an algorithm that will predict the driver's intention to leave the parking spot even before the driver got into the car.
He has spent more than 10.000.000 rubles. one and a half years of development and 1,500 hours of testing this application.
The result was more than satisfying, since the algorithm worked without the error and bugs. Some time later, in December 2015, succeeded to close the next round of investment with foreign US-Swiss investor. New team was ready for the development of new features, design and functionality, allowing the application to be scalable to go global.
The idea of creating the parking application was initially more like to experiment with the mathematical models, algorithms, and the founders decided just out of the curiosity try to develop a functionality, which could work in time and show vacated and about to be opened parking spots that would allow you as a driver to avoid time-consuming circling to find yourself a free space .
Today, the application's evaluation is about 5.5 million dollars and the founder Eugene Libermann believes that this is just the beginning ....

Liebermann Eugene
“ParkApp parking solutions - smart search and payment system”
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