Federal partner

GLONASS Joint-Stock Company (set up with 100% state participation) is SAIS ERA-GLONASS operator since January 1, 2016.
Among company activity areas there are: using and developing the ERA-GLONASS infrastructure for the interests of agency, regional and corporate system operators, auto-makers and insurance companies; implementing navigation and information projects in Russia and overseas; providing high accuracy and reliability navigation services.

Zheregelya Andrei
“Multi-functional car device with GLONASS - Modern market and technological trend”
Plenary Session: «Global Navigation Space»

Popov Artyem
“GAIS «ERA-GLONASS» to ensure the passenger transportation safety while organizing and holding 2018 FIFA World Cup”
Round-Table: Federal projects in the transport industry future technology development basis. what should the market wait for? WHAT SHOULD THE MARKET WAIT FOR?