PJSC «AVTOVAZ» is being one of major producers in Renault-Nissan Alliance, the plant of corporation in Togliatti is being one if biggest car-manufacturers world-wide, which builds up in full production cycle vehicles of 4 brands (LADA, Renault, Nissan и Datsun). The plant of PJSC «AVTOVAZ» in Izhevsk produces vehicles of LADA and Nissan brands.
Currently LADA is represented by 20 models and versions in segments В, В+, SUV and LCV, at price range: RUR 390K – 850K on territory of Russian Federation. The brand has 20% share in car market. LADA owns the largest dealer network in the country – over 300 dealerships.

Pustokhailov Sergey
“Is AvtoVAZ ready for new technologies?”
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