T-One Group

T-One Group
Company presentation:
T-One Group is incorporated for the development of innovative products and services in field of telematics, by introducing self-design projects for state sectors, business companies and individual persons. The Company provides for unique in Russian expert examination aimed at complex solutions implementation and telematic products, for consumers specific tasks, creation.


T-One Group today:
  • Inhouse navigation-informational telelmatics platform, cartography, billing;
  • License support: Data controller agency status, Federal Security service license, Federal Service for Technical and Export Control licene, T-One Group is included into Russina Production organizations register.
  • Active participation in Non-profic organization Global Navigation Satellite System cooperation with representative office of Non-profic organization board.


    Key areas of activity:
    Transport telematics: renovation of Regional Navigation-Informational systems (RNIS) in Russian Federation, with intent of their transforming into the region informational-navigation. Driving style of drivers of passenger transport. Insurance sphere: driving style quality assessment tool introduction into various transport field segments in order to enhance the road traffic safety.

    Kheresh Igor
    “RNIS 2.0”
    Plenary Session: «Global Navigation Space»