RTL Service Ltd

RTL Service Ltd
The RTL Service Company Group is an international company involved into the development of the positioning, data transmission, voice communication, proximity detection and IoT systems under the RealTrac brand. The company also provides implementation and technical support of the industrial solutions based on the products that are part of the RealTrac system.
Major fields of the system application:
  • Mining works (mines, open pits);
  • Manufacturing;
  • Logistics (logistics centers and warehouses);
  • Healthcare (hospitals and healthcare centers);
  • Energy industries (petroleum industries, power stations, fuel storages);
  • Security;
  • Office buildings and cultural and sports centers;
  • Transport.

  • The system provides solutions for:
  • Personnel, vehicles and equipment positioning in closed areas, under the ground and in open areas;
  • Digital voice communication;
  • Data transmission from the equipment to the server;
  • Working hours and access level control;
  • Proximity detection and collision avoidance;
  • Internet of Things.
  • Cutting-edge technologies are applied in the system (RealTrac, Wi-Fi, UWB, Bluetooth, RFID, etc.). The company has patented the RealTrac positioning technology and is currently developing the range of solutions for various industries and fields of application. The reducing of the cost for the complete solution is being carried out at the moment in order to provide the best possible solution by the ratio “price to quality” on the market.

    Poltorykhin Timur
    “Hybrid object positioning systems within the premises and in open areas for the personnel safety and business efficiency increasing”
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