Telematics Industry Application Alliance

Telematics Industry Application Alliance
On February 4th, 2010, Telematics Industry Application Alliance (TIAA)was founded in Beijing with the guidance and support of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Ministry of Transport (MOT), and Standardization Administration of China (SAC).
TIAA has 521 members including 51 core members, 152 backbone members in areas of vehicle manufacturing, automotive electronics, vehicular software, communication, internet and information service. TIAA organized 10 committees of market engineering, technology & application, standard & certification, finance & capital, human resource, international cooperation, network security, academic research, integration of military and civilian, as well as 35 working groups in technical areas like automatic driving, 3 alliance branches like intelligent parking and charging sub-unions, 2 local institutions like intelligent vehicle research institutes cluster (Chengdu) and Anhui Province IoV Research Center. TIAA current chairman is Qiming Information Technology Co., Ltd. (FAW Holdings, Main Board listed companies).
TIAA has been undertaking over 20 national projects like ITU-R Agenda Item 1.12 (Global ITS Frequency Distribution), Intelligent Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation Application Demonstration Based on Mobile Broadband IoT, Information Security of Official Vehicles, Active (Passive) Safety Solutions of Commercial Vehicle, Standard System of IoV and Intelligent Connected Vehicle, Integrated Standardization of Electric Vehicles, Research and Testing Work of ITS Radiocommunication Frequency, Network Security related IoV, Automobile Issues of Regular Meeting Commission of Heads of China and Russia, Electronic Registration Identification of the motor vehicle (ERI), V2X Technical Application and Frequency Requirement, Information System of Digital Ambulance, Networking Security of Electric Bicycle, as well as 20 standards like General specifications of development and design for vehicular information system. The projects are going well with the guidance of MIIT, MOT, Standardization Administration, Ministry of Public Security (MPS), National Health and Family Planning Commission, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Administration of State Administration of Press Publication Radio Film and Television, Safety Production Committee of the State Council, National Commercial Cryptography Administration, Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, Taiwan Affairs Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other ministries.
TIAA has published Products System of Active Safety, Technical System of Automatic Driving, Automotive Software System, Technical Specification of Telematics Information Terminal, White Papers of Automotive Information Safety, White Paper of China-Russia Telematic Industry, White Paper of V2X Technology, White Paper of automotive information security, White Paper of Telematics Industry in China and Russia, as well as many application achievements like the products using Graphic Symbol of Human–Machine Interaction and Information System of Digital Ambulance, E-Call System, Foryou Link which used to communicate between Terminal and Smart Phone. The above standards and products have been used in over 2 million vehicles.
At present, TIAA is organizing the construction of intelligent Sichuan-Tibet, intelligent traffic application under the condition of fully opening market, demonstration project of intelligent agricultural application based on unmanned system with the support of Sichuan Province, Tibet Autonomous Region, Anhui Province, Jiangsu Province, Chengdu City, Chongqing City, Changchun City, Hefei City, Dalian City, Taizhou City and other local governments. Meanwhile, TIAA is preparing the cooperation of IoV application demonstration projects based on Chinese technology with Ukraine, Cambodia and Russia.
Annual Conference of Telematics Industry, International Forum on Intelligent Vehicle, China Intelligent Vehicle Challenge and other activities which caused high industrial attentions. Meanwhile, TIAA organized 31 national working conferences, 200 technical group meetings, 100 technical activities, which attracted nearly 100,000 engineers and technicians to participate in.
Working attitude and value of TIAA people is do our best for love, for family, for our country.

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