Ufimtsev Alexander

Deputy CEO

Date, place of birth — August 11, 1966. Moscow
1988-1993 — Central Scientific-Production Association “Kometa”, Lead engineer.
1993-2006 — Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, Head of IT Department.
1996-2000 — Iridium-Eurasia Ltd., Business Operetions and Customer Care Director
2006-2008 — M2M telematics Group, Deputy CEO, Foreign Relations
2008-2014 — Content Master, Ltd., Deputy CEO .
At present — SpaceTeamLab Ltd., Deputy CEO.


Mobile City
“The Integrated System of Passengers Informing – effective tool for improving service quality”

The Integrated system of passengers informing, developed by the company "ST technology" intended to improve the quality and comfort of passenger transportation. The system consists of the following main elements: a Web portal and a mobile application for passengers, and information boards at public transport stops. These subsystems receive information from a single server platform, which ensures the uniformity of information provided to passengers by various elements of the system. Server platform provides the acquisition and processing of dynamic, statistical and static information about public transport and generates responses to the requests of passengers. In addition, the integrated system includes the videoterminals for informing and warning the passengers that are installed in public transport vehicles and specialized software for content management of these terminals. The terminals provide the passengers with information, educational and advertising content updated in the on-line mode with possibility of its binding to the scheduling and/or location of public transport.