Sorokin Sergei

Born in 1964.
1986: Graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of OSPU.
1984 – 1986: Being a student worked in the Lab for Researching Radio Propagation in the Ionosphere.
1986 – 1990: Worked as a physics and mathematics teacher in a village school.
1990: Returned to his university as a teacher, started his post-graduate studies and continued his work in the Radio Physics Lab.
1996: Quitted his job at the Institute and till 2009 worked in different commercial structures being a deputy director, commercial director, enterprise director.
Since 2000: One of the commercial activities – cooperation with Goszemkadastrcyemka-VISHAGI that included organizing experimental aero-photographic flights, equipping flying labs for these purposes, maintaining and modernizing aero-photographic equipment, repairing GPS receivers. To carry out these tasks they created a Lab at Goszemkadastrcyemka-VISHAGI.
2010: To conduct further activities Industrial Geodetic Systems R&D was set up at this Lab. This company works on developing high-accuracy positioning equipment and software using GLONASS and GPS satellite grouping signals.
Married, has two children.


Using Navigation Technologies in Land Management and Construction
“Earth-based infrastructure of the high-accuracy satellite positioning in Russia. Its status, issues and development prospects”