Liebermann Eugene


Eugene Liebermann grew up in the Far East. Graduated from the Financial University in Yekaterinburg, and by the year of 2011 he moved to Moscow.
For three years was involved in to development of robotics and the artificial intelligence. He participated in the development of humanoid robots, unmanned aerial systems, intelligent systems, machine vision ..

In 2014 he came up with an idea of the mobile applications that facilitates the entire parking cycle for the driver in any metropolis of the world, showing the about to leave drivers and vacated parking spots in real time.


Mobile City
“ParkApp parking solutions - smart search and payment system”
ParkApp helps to solve 3 main tasks of parking space operators:
- Reduce the time for the user to search for parking - the task of ParkApp as a platform and mobile app to navigate the user not only to the address but to the parking spot too.
- Increase the popularity, occupancy of parking lots.
- Simplify and speed up all internal processes by using a unified tool for searching,booking and paying for parking.

ParkApp Know-How.
ParkApp collects data in real time and shows the driver information about other drivers who are about to leave and about the vacant parking spots. So, ParkApp users will be able to know in advance where to park their car without cruising around.

Carmakers and ParkApp.
Integration with car manufacturers is to release the driver of the need to manually pay for parking and deal with different zones, rates and start/end time. And also to provide the navigation to the parking on the onboard display through the connection with the ParkApp application.