Gamzin Mikhail

Founder & CEO
Mikhail Gamzin (born 13.10.1964) is a founder and CEO of Naviaddress company.
From 1991 till 2002 Mikhail founded, developed and successfully sold a number of companies in various sectors of trade, transport and production industry. From 2003 till 2008 Mikhail worked for the Russian Technologies Venture Fund as Managing Partner. The Fund was one of the pioneer investors in the field of the Russian hi-tech. He was a Founding Partner of Technoprom Innovation Corp. (founded in 2008), later he worked as a senior managing director of ROSNANO Management Company.
In 1989 Mikhail graduated from Moscow Commercial Institute.


Future of Navigation Maps
“New addressing system”
  • Navigation systems evolved
  • Smart devices, digital maps, satellite navigation systems are new reality
  • Address systems of the past are outdated
  • Modern world seeks new unificated standarts
  • New addressing system from russian developers

  • What is Naviaddress?
  • Why naviaddress is better than an address?
  • Naviaddress is more than postal address
  • Naviaddress is an address for the places and objects that had no address
  • Naviaddress - address from the future

  • Benefits for business
  • Benefits for personal use

  • Competitors - w3w