Platonov Sergey

Head of the Department of Information and Analytical Sales Support
Date, place of birth – 1986, Ryazan city
2004-2009 – Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography.
2008 – Research Institute of Precision Instruments, technicist.
2008-2013 – Central Research Institute for Machine Building, Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FGUP TSNIIMASH), engineer.
2013-2015 – JSC "Vector", project manager.
2015-2016 – "AT Consulting", expert.
At present – ST Technology, Head of the Department of Information and Analytical Sales Support.


In-Vehicle Navigation Solutions
“New on-board navigation and communication equipment of the SpaceTeam holding for transport monitoring and the "ERA-GLONASS" system”

The SpaceTeam navigation holding represents a line of new on-board navigation and communication equipment intended for monitoring functions of various types of vehicles in various operating conditions:

  • "STAB® Mini 20+" is a miniature terminal with built-in antennas, battery, CAN interface, RS-232, RS-485 and several inputs/outputs; this terminal can be used for a wide range of vehicles;
  • "STAB® Liner 109" and additional sensors is a complete set of equipment designed for Domodedovo airport that allows to control specialized aerodrome vehicles by using: a navigation terminal with a large number of interfaces and a Wi-Fi module, fuel level sensors, CAN controller, monitoring sensors for the additional equipment;
  • "STAB® Liner 110" is a terminal with a maximum number of interfaces and an integrated IRIDIUM satellite communication module that provides on-line monitoring anywhere in the world;
  • "Granit-Navigator-6.18 ASN" is a compact navigation terminal with built-in antennas, 3G module (optional), Bluetooth module and several interfaces;
  • "Granit-Navigator-6.18 ERA" is a device for calling emergency services (UVESS) intended for work in the "ERA-GLONASS" system, as well as for providing commercial transport monitoring services;
  • "Granit-Navigator-4.11" is a specialized terminal for passenger transport, providing both classic functions of the telematics terminal and specialized functions - connecting up to 4 cameras and viewing the video stream on the built-in display, saving photos, autoinformer, speakerphone Driver with interior, connection of sensors of passenger traffic, temperature, smoke, etc.