Mordovtseva Anna

Director of development
Faculty of political Science St. Petersburg state University (included in the hundred best graduates of 2009 according to the Russian Union of Youth)
Head of developing the analytical agency INFOLINE. Work in marketing – more than 9 years and 4 years in managerment positions. Implemented projects for LSR GK, GK Severstal, EUROCEMENT groupp, GK KNAUF and many other companies. 2016 – the Director for development of company CARiOT, the resident of SKOLKOVO innovation center.
Is a speaker and a delegate to the international conferences and exhibitions, including Connected Car Summit, the conference "Smart insurance", etc.)


Mobile City
“Carsharing: barriers to development in Russia”
The report discusses the features of the business model of car sharing in developing countries. In Russia’s example, market potential will be evaluated.
Also country’s social impact on such services will be estimated.
The detailed analysis of the barriers to the development of the industry in 4 areas: Users, Transport infrastructure, Business environment, Legislation.
  • The business model of car sharing: collaborative consumption
  • The volume of market services in North America and Europe
  • The dynamics of carsharing growth in developing countries
  • The national characteristics of carsharing in Russia
  • The features of of market users formation in Russia
  • The decision of the planning and fleet management
  • Direct and indirect competition
  • The law: limits and transparency.